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My son is not circumcised.  Shortly before he was born the A.M.A. announced they were no longer recommending the procedure.  This has not influenced many parents who continue slicing a small piece of penis off their baby boys for no other reason than, “It’s a tradition in our culture”.  Well, we used to sacrifice virgins too, but we stopped doing that.  After all, once you kill the virgins, all you have left are the whores.

Another rationale you hear is, “His penis should look like his father’s”.  That doesn’t even make sense.  That is admitting that you believe in genital plastic surgery so your kid’s dick looks like Dads.  Why?  I don’t think I ever saw my father’s penis.  Not flaccid, anyway.  (Different Blog).

“But the other boys will tease him if he looks different!”  Yes.  But he can tease them right back for staring at another guy’s junk.  “Fag” is a very powerful comeback for a 9 year old.

A waitress I met in Cleveland said I’d made a big mistake.  She told me she’d been with a guy once who wasn’t ‘regular’ and it was like (and I quote) “Ewww”.  I’m kind of hoping that Skank Bags like her are not part of my son’s future.  The kind of women who will be mad at me for not mutilating my son’s genitals for their sucking pleasure.

And that is what it is, plain and simple, Genital Mutilation.   There are dozen’s of Human Right’s Groups around the world who rightfully campaign to stop that from happening to girls in Africa, but right here it is dismissed as just the way things are done.  Would you slice off a piece of Vagina?  It is sick to even think about.  Of course you wouldn’t, because it is wrong.  I mean, shave off the hair definitely; that stuff is nasty.  But leave the poor vagina alone.

If you are going to chop something off your son, chop off an earlobe.  He’ll look like a badass when he gets older and it’ll give him some character.  And if the other kids are making fun of him because he is different, he can just say, “I lost my earlobe in a knife fight with a Doctor who was trying to hack my schlong.  I see you’ve got your whole ear, so I guess he got yours.”

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