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Joe Rogan and Greg talk doing comedy on the road, Greg getting into cage-fighting shape,the next stage of podcasting, and the future of information.

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  • Graham

    I really enjoyed this episode. I’ll have to start listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast… Thanks again for putting this stuff out for free.

  • Logan

    Awesome episode. I agree that you and Rogan should do a podcast together atleast once a month, be it his or yours!

  • Art

    The Occupy Wall Street, Munich `72, Wikileaks and Bode’s Law stuff was great. More of that and less of the whack-off talk, please.

  • Chantal

    I really liked it too. I thought for some reason that guy was going to be a meathead. Somehow his promo leaves a bad taste – but he is a thoughtful dude – with a great voice. BTW I really like it when you talk about politics and issues too – you totally nail it dude.