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Greg does stand up on The Late Show with David Letterman.

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  • Paul Mayo

    Good God Man!.. You killed during this appearance on Letterman! You brought tears to my eyes and caused maniacal laughter that rang louder than the squawking green parrots of South Pasadena. And I know my neighbors are all wondering what the fuck they’re missing out on. It is my duty and honor as a loyal podcast listener and literature buying Fitzdog fan to inform them about your comedic genius, insightful wisdom, and overall likeable sensibility. Keep it coming, man.
    Thanks for doing what you do,
    Paul Mayo
    (like the clinic, not the Mexican holiday)
    ps. I married a Guatemalan beauty named Iliana, so in a few more years, if it turns out she wears the pants… the pronunciation may change. And on that note: say what’s up to Herechko. (sp?)