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Bryan Callen, from the Joe Rogan Experience and his own podcast, explains himself after a rude cancellation earlier in the week. Find out if Greg lets him off easy or brutally destroys him.


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  • Darren

    Bryan and his father’s efforts to posit capitalism as the righteous manifestation of individual liberty triumphing over the evils of collectivism rings hollow to folks who’s labor has been co-opted, and who’s environment has been degraded through the fallacious assertion of the “free market”, and by extension — the inherently exploitative stance that private property is sacrosanct above all. While individualism may very well jibe with the dubious supposition that our egos are representative of our entire being, such justification need also turn a blind eye to the absolute and intrinsic interconnectedness among people and their environment. As such, solidarity and communal regard for public wellness is a tough position to disregard, cold-war rhetoric notwithstanding. There will always be a struggle with labor and capital. As we go forward, I’d suggest that anyone truly concerned with liberal education cultivate discernment for the dialectical quality of such things.

    Don’t forget to tip the waitresses.