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Greg fails to hit the record butting for the podcast. After talking for an hour, Greg has to apologize for blowing it and ask Andy (and Mike Gibbons) to stick around to do the whole thing over again. Keep in mind that they had also already done a one-hour show on Sirus/XM together and you can understand the insanity that ensues.


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  • Jarrett

    This one and Norm Macdonald are neck and neck as the best ever.

  • Matt

    hilarious- one of the best pocasts yet! Love when Mike Gibbons is on

  • wittmann,T

    Amazing! I shoulda’ listened sooner.

    Up there with G.Fitzsimmons battles with M.Maron,

    -nearly as good as S.BrodyStevens Experiment #3 (in which you can hear him losing his mind…)

    Kindler’s acknowledged comic genius comes out in a relentless torrent when he’s a little ‘punchy’.

    More “Out of Control & Raving” Andy Kindler!!!

    [& Gibbons makes good podcasts better…]

    p.s. -this blog’s spellchecker doesn’t like “Fitzsimmons” & wants to make it, “Persimmons”.
    -Is that better than “Grapefruit”?

  • pete goesinya

    Wow andy is the white david alan grier hysterical podcast……I would like to hear david and andy in the same room My lungs would implode from lack of air due to laughter