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Trapped in a desolate hotel room in Kansas City, Greg is forced to record his podcast on an iPhone before playing a pre-recorded interview with the great Dom Irrera.


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  • Piss

    I enjoyed this one, Greg. Dom is a funny guy and you are keen at establishing a good rapport with your fellow comedians. I’m a big fan of the podcast. Cheers.

  • Bobby

    Greg, you are a very funny dude who I decided a few months ago to put up in my iconic podcast pantheon (by listening regularly)…Carolla-Maron-Fitzsimmons. The mighty Zeppelin-Beatles-Stones of the vast podcast landscape. You are intelligent and kind hearted but I must sadly say that the heavy handed left wing politicising has just become too much for me to take. I guarantee that you are alienating a substantial number of reasonable people that think you are hilarious but just cannot stomach the leftist politics. Based on your reading material that you’ve mentioned on your show and often quoted to back up or substantiate your argument or point of view on any given issue, I humbly suggest that you have fallen into a very common trap. I did the same thing for many years. You read/watch/listen to material that you are already ideologically inclined to agree with. (If I’m wrong I apologize.) I don’t blame you for reading or watching people that support what you already believe to be true, but I encourage you, if you really want to be an honest and rigorous seeker of the truth, to read material across the ideological spectrum. It initially made me angry and sick to do so but I forged ahead and what happened was that some of my prior emotional dogmatic opinions did not survive the honesty & scrutiny test. Some did. But because I read a wide array of opinions and “factual” sources, my thinking became clearer but more refined on all issues. Sorry if I sound like a political sanctimonious asshole but 99% of people interested in political issues lean one way or the other and remain comfortable in their echo chambers.