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If “The Shining” were a podcast it would be this. Greg, stranded in a condominium in 9 degree Alberta Canada, fights for his life. Has he lost his mind? Is he following his dream or running away from his reality? He also chats with some Canadian comics and reviews his 2012 predictions from January.


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  • Ren

    Stephen Harper .. Great show greg. Enjoyed hearing from the canadian comics

  • Billy

    Wow man, just wow. First I like to say I like your show, you-are-great! Very personal and touching episode (can I call it an episode?) especially
    the part that you talk about being drained after a show, wanting to be alone but people expect the super-energetic fitzdog version and you can’t give that to ’em. It was so truthful and moving, I almost cried. This is why I listen to you man! Keep being who you are, whatever it is, undefined, because you’re a lovable person.