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Greg rides shotgun in Adam Carolla’s car as they head out to do a live podcast of the Adam Carolla show. Greg beats Adam to the punch by whipping out his recorder and sticking it in Adam’s frightened face. It’s like podcast rape.


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  • Chet

    It’s odd. Adam Carolla is obviously a talented comedic mind, and so in some ways I want to like him, but his tendency to repeat the same strident, loathsome, and horribly ill-informed opinions again and again makes it impossible for me to tolerate him for more than a few minutes.

  • I love both Greg and Adam, they are by far the best podcasters on the internet. And its because they both deliver honest, hilarious, relevant, “politically in-correct” thoughts. Even if not well informed opinions (which they actually are), they are certainly well thought out and constructed, not to mention entirely original! You might not have to agree with everything they say, and they may on ocassion repeat an anecdote or two, but I’m sure as someone named Chet, your douchebaggery extends well beyond an internet forum and into your personal life, So next time you want to complisult the masters, why don’t you take a cold hard stare in the mirror past your eyeballs and into your dying brain.

  • Chet

    Wow. That got personal.