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Joe Rogan points out what many of us already knew, that the Old Testament is a journal of drug use from 3000 years ago. Moses ate DMT growing wild and hence spoke to the “burning bush”. Then Joe got a little out there.



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  • Bob

    Hey Joe….how does a girl that does not have a vagina menstrate ??….dude lay off the pot…..

  • danny

    The video of the Russian guy getting beaten with a fire extinguisher is just a realistic looking scene from a movie called irreversible.

  • Bob

    How does a girl with no vagina menstruate ??….Joe stop taking drugs……Richard Gere agrees and Rod Stewart …..oh wait it’s on Google….must be right

  • Kevin

    Bob quit hating and telling people what to do. Mind ya business

  • Mike

    was the audio on this jacked up, specifically joe’s mic, or is it my headphones?

  • Chet

    Joe Rogan is extremely well spoken for a dumb guy.

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