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Mike Gibbons and Greg discuss making porn safer for the performers and how they can make it safer for them to watch it themselves at home. Once they get to parakeets the podcast really takes off.



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  • nathan

    Always like the Greg and Mike podcasts, they flow and seem the most fun. Thanks as always.

  • Awesome show. There is absolutely nothing better than you 2 sitting in a room and riffing off each other. thanks for an amazing hour. Generally, I listen to the podcast depending on the guests (because I also follow Nerdist, Carolla, Maron, and a few NPR podcasts… I have a wonderfully long drive to work) and most of the guests you have I don’t know… so I don’t listen.

    however, I never miss you two together.

    A thought about the comments on taxes in Britain. In the 60s, the tax rate on entertainers was 90%. That is why George Harrison wrote ‘tax man’. It is also why Robert Plant could only visit his wife in the hospital in England for a couple of hours at a time. If he was there (anywhere in the country) for 24 hours he would have been taxed as a resident. The first thing any artist does when they get money is get the hell out of England. Mick Jagger once explained they booked a tour of England where they had sold out every single venue and canceled it because they would still lose money.

    Also, the Wilco doc is called ‘I am trying to break your heart’ and it is brilliant. it isn’t a concert performance like the other ones you talked about, but it is a proper doc (like the Metallica one you also mentioned).

    anyhow, thanks for the entertainment. You guys are great. I bought the book, but may be the audiobook, too, just as a thanks.

    Denver, CO