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David Koechner

Dave Koechner (Anchorman, Taladega Nights, The Office) discusses life, career and the organization of Greg’s garage. Bonus long episode!


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  • alex

    Liked today’s podcast and looking forward to Anchorman 2. Hearing stories about how long it takes a “slam dunk” movie to get made like Anchorman 2 or The Fighter (Wahlberg shopped it around for five plus years) is infuriating!

    You asked for input on future guests. Here are a few: Jonah Ray, Anthony Jeselnik, & Amy Schumer

    Love the podcast! keep up the great work

  • Fieldengineer

    To Alex (Jan 26 post)
    I think I get your point about the Hollywood entertainers who make a ton of money for the amount of “work” exerted and then pontificate about how they are the “middle class”. This is a common tactic for entertainers to take, so that they “keep” an audience. The entertainer will not lose negotiating power with their overpriced labor rate if they have a “huge” following.

    With that being said, Greg admits on podcast that he is “very well paid for his gigs”. His podcasts are great in that you learn about his “industry” and thus understand why he must hire publicists, managers, agents, etc. Actions speak louder than words. Greg moved from a Venice beach house with no street for his kids to play in – to a house that accommodates family activities. In that move, he lost his “studio” but gained a better home for his children. I applaud that – as a Dad of three children ages 19, 17 and five years old.

    I enjoy Greg’s podcasts and came over via the Carolla podcasts. I enjoy Greg’s interview style over the Carolla rant sessions. I learn quite a bit about Greg and his profession and his lifestyle. I also have learned about his feelings of inferiority and his longing for more local male companionship that does not involve “networking”. I also have learned about his guest’s lifestyles and opinions and views on life.

    I believe that Greg knows that he is “blessed” in the salary intake, but also realizes that his happiness and contentment is not based solely on the size of his income. Greg is smart enough to know this.

    Greg- keep up the good work and the next time you are in Phoenix/Tempe please feel free to drop a note on my e-mail – I could point you to some great hotels and “local” spots that would make your trip interesting.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the forum.

    Take careful.

  • Ted

    Why is it that comments that express a negative opinion regarding the quality of episodes of this podcast — even if they are expressed in respectful, reasonable terms — are routinely removed from this website? It’s your website, so — of course — you have a right to do what you want, but it seems a little cheap.