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Greg Proops and Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Proops is forced to prove that he is in fact the smartest man in the world. Also, some exciting news and some very sad news.


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  • Scott

    Greg Proops.

    Greg Proops.

    Greg Proops.

  • great show! two of my favorite people sitting and chatting. nothing better! thanks for the hours of entertainment and joy. I just bought a premium subscription, which I will likely never use. Just my way of saying thanks!

  • Ted

    Greg Proops confused Geddy Lee with Neil Peart.

    I hate that I know that.

  • Art in Atlanta

    Ace Frehley and Peter Criss haven’t been in KISS for a long time, maybe since the late `90’s. It’s two other guys wearing their makeup (no, I don’t follow KISS, but this is “common knowledge.” And the Smartest Man in the World didn’t know! :-D).

    Rush, however, is a guilt-free pleasure! “Exit…Stage Left,” one of the best albums ever.

  • Tom Clark

    You would think the smartest man in the world would know that Geddy Lee is a bassist and Neal Peart is the drummer. Moron

  • Mike

    I couldn’t make it through the show. Proops sounds like a valley girl from the 80’s, and if I hear his voice any more I’m going to drive into oncoming traffic. Hat’s off to FitzDog though for being there to keep me from steering my truck into a barrel roll off the interstate bridge.