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Tom Arnold2

Tom Arnold tells the gripping tale of blue balling men the night before their weddings in Iowa.
Also, women get “red-boned.” And Mike Gibbons is drunk.


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  • Bob

    Ref Tom Arnold podcast (among others) and the role of church/religion.

    I think we are still not far removed from the observations of the renown diplomat/scholar/historian George F. Kennan.

    From the diaries of George F. Kennan
    Dorpat (Tartu), Estonia, March 29, 1929: From the sight of these drab peasants, staring at the ikons, crossing themselves, shuffling the balsam twigs under their feet, as they wait for the commencement of the service, one can sense the full necessity for their presence here…. They do not understand the service, but they see the gilt and the robes and the candles; they hear the chanting and the singing; and they go away with the comforting feeling of there being a world . . . somewhere and somehow . . . less ugly than their own.