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After almost destroying the podcast with a boring story, Todd Glass steps up and reveals some things about himself he’s never talked about before.


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  • schener

    im glad that gurl iz gone cuz that bitch got the most annoying laugh EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that laugh iz horrible yo!

    • sockpuppet

      funny, I came to the website just to say the same thing. Worst most inconsistent stupid sounding laugh in the history of the planet. It was very distracting

  • Thomas

    I loved the latest Todd glass episode. He is such a warm and caring guy. So refreshing. Fitzdog is hands down the best in the biz. Such a pro!

  • Doug

    I’m a little behind on my Fitzdog: What’s wrong with Todd Glass? Can a guy so sensitive be a comedian? I know why he rebuffs the phrase “word police”: that’s exactly what he believes in (despite the general belief among comics that nothing — or very little — is off limits). Uggh. Doesn’t seem to possess a funny bone. Maybe he should go into fashioning national policy. Bet he’d be the funniest guy in the room…

  • Kyle

    Doug… you apparently know nothing of comedy. Get netflix and watch Todds hour special. But i guess for now you should just go back to watching Weird Al Yankovic videos is your moms basement.