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Actor Michael Douglas attends the premiere of the film "Side Effects" in New York

Greg flies solo for an in-depth podcast about his joy, sadness and dislike for Michael Douglas.


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  • David

    Well said about Edward Snowdon Greg.
    We have some bullshit Hollywood ideas about heroism and right/wrong, but what that guy did is as brave as it gets in this world. He’s not an idiot, he had a fair idea of the formidable wrath that would most definitely descend upon him, that he was throwing his great young life down the fucking drain. He simply didn’t need to do that … and yet he chose to anyway. Think of how many people in those kind of positions over the years have chosen not to do anything like that but could have. All the people in goverment, big pharma, healthcare, tax agencies, CIA, NSA, NRO, military intelligence, military industries, the prison services – that’s just off the top of my head. The list is endless. Unfathomable bravery and genuine intent to change the world for the better – the guy deserves a fucking medal and immunity from prosecution.
    Thanks for these great shows Greg.

  • Scott

    Hi Greg, love your podcast BUTTTT, when you started talking about Michael Douglas, I was like, “What the fuck are you talking about, you sounded so ignorant”. This was of course right before you said you talk about stuff you know nothing about, ha ha shit on me. Michael did have throat Cancer and apparently just conquered it. The fact that he brought up HPV was very courageous and open to me. The fact that HPV has touched 75% of the sexually active population but nobody talks about it or knows what it is, basically hide and stigmatize from it generally as a society. It is genital warts and can be transmitted to female or male mostly through genital contact but also orally sometimes and leads to cervical cancer in women and some cancers in men. So now you know, feel free to discuss. Again, love ya and keep kickin’ chicken.