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Actor/comedian Baron Vaughn talks to Greg about his inability to handle money and the struggles of a black man who is not black enough for Hollywood.


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  • tell Baron he can do my lawn every other week i pay cash

  • This episode hit me right in the feels. Hard. I’m sending Baron a little extra straight to his PayPal ( just because I’ve been there. I don’t have a lot to send, but I know that the little bits of help I’ve managed to get along the way really made a difference in getting me out of what I think of as the ‘poor cycle’ I was born into. People who have never been there can’t seem to really understand it, and that’s ok – Greg tried really hard and I appreciate that. I wish you heard more about this kind of thing – so maybe people could understand – but it’s so hard to express and explain and so… painful… to talk about sometimes. Serious kudos to the Baron for being honest and even managing to make it funny and have a sense of humor about it. I appreciate the work you do BV and from one B to another – keep at it.