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“Zach comes back to Greg’s garage to talk to Greg and Mike Gibbons about
how he has made it in Hollywood without hiring a publicist.”


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  • Ali

    So, this move to divide up the Zach Galifianaskis episode is 100% about run-time and not at all about increasing downloads across two separate episodes? You, sir, are a true American hero. But then, no one believes that….

  • David

    Great to hear Zack out of zany character. Loved the line about having a black guy in the house. His humour’s so good but never seems to make it into those Due Date/Hangover/Campaign films sadly. Instead we get this zany effeminate version of him – what a damn shame.
    Greg – I Seriously hope your mother isn’t listening to your back catalogue of podcasts, what with all the talk of your porn stash in your office! Sheesh, talk about a smoking gun