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Bryan Callen

“Bryan Callen From The Hangover Movies and MadTV steps up to the task of covering 5 topics
in one podcast: politics, existentialism, masturbation, pop culture and entertainment”


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  • Ali

    Ordinarily on this podcast, Greg makes a habit of revealing his utter ignorance on a wide variety of topics by spitting out utter falsehoods and complete fabrications with a curious sense of self-assurance (and — at several points — today’s episode was no exception to that trend). BUT, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised that on this episode Greg seemed to demonstrate what appears to be actual, rudimentary knowledge of what the term “unified field theory” means in physics, so bravo!

  • Mr Humidty

    They’re both entertaining. And neither of them know shit. Among numerous other factual errors, neither could think of the second amendment, the so-called right to bear arms.