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Emmy Award-winning writer David Feldman shows why he is loved and respected by all comedians and feared by small children.


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  • dany boy

    that picture seems to show greg as an 80 year old . greg, the sun fucking hates the irish ! stay out of it before you turn tnto benjamin button . p.s i love your podcast. you and bill burr put me to sleep nice and easy like a baby. 2minutes of bill talking sports and im out. keep up the good work.

    • Ali

      Yeah, Grapefruit Simmons’ rapid transformation into a bridge troll appears to be 85% complete.

  • Matt

    David Feldman was hilarious on the podcast and sirius show- one of the funniest guest yet have him back ASAP!

  • Malloreon

    Holy shit… you’ve been on a roll dude, but the David Feldman podcast was beyond hilarious! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life; David was on fire! The Jesus erection, ageism in child porn and finally the inability for android police to accidentally shoot Black people had me howling with laughter at work (and I’m a Black dude)! Usually I fake cough at your funny bits while sitting at my desk, but I actually had to get up and run to the bathroom! Please get David back on the show ASAP! A big shout-out for your man Mike!

  • Dave

    I have to know what the 2-guys-go-to-Africa joke is. The kid with the welders mask joke is amazing, and, by the tone of David and Gibbons laugh, this other joke must be unreal. I MUST KNOW!!