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Greg asks his listeners to Tweet him topics for the show and then begins recording an hour later armed with dozens of topical, philosophical, and vulgar premises. The rest is podcast history. He then says goodbye to someone special.


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  • Deanne

    Hi Greg

    I was enjoying the sun here in Melbourne Australia, doing some gardening whilst listening to your latest podcast. Great podcast but towards the end you honoured your young relative that passed. I cannot explain how touched I was by your words & I got all choked up & said a prayer for your family (& I’m a lapsed catholic). Heartbreaking to listen to but so beautiful. Thank you for sharing as I can imagine that must have been bloody difficult to get through. All the best & this is the first time I’ve ever messaged anyone about their podcast. Cheers Greg.

  • 4d0lf0

    Hi Greg,

    I’m a Hispanic-Canadian living in California and I just wanted to say this podcast was brilliant. I have listened to ALL your podcasts without exception and they are all great. However, this improvised-requests podcast was not only extremely interesting and funny but it was also incredibly touching and personal.

    Great job!

  • BoosterCables

    Hey Greg: Regarding black women’s hair, please check out Chris Rock’s film “Good Hair”. Very funny and very insightful. Their hair is another world entirely, and this is a good introduction to it.

  • jeff

    1.7 million dollars a year and you want donations so you can buy your employees a Christmas gift? really?

  • David

    Nice tribute Greg. So true about all the rumination about shoulda woulda coulda and wanting to go back and change things being a complete waste of time, and this is your new reality and deal with it. This is surely one of the hardest damned lessons to learn in life. I envy anyone who truly masters that. I think few do. I’m useless at it. You’d think they’d try and teach us some of these life lessons at school instead of all that useless crap.
    Separate to all that, if I was making that kind of money, I think I’d be kicking back doing something fun instead of churning out podcasts, but god love you for making podcasts Sir.