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Comedian/writer Ian Edwards (“2 Broke Girls”) believes in reincarnation, which Greg takes as good news for his career.


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  • Al

    Great podcast, but Greg repeats an argument against atheism that seems to be based on a misunderstanding. Lack of belief is not about failing to appreciate the landscape, or to acknowledge that things are bigger than oneself. It’s about methods of forming beliefs. It’s about finding intelligent methods to discriminate between notions. Otherwise, waking up in the morning certain of reincarnation is exactly as valid as certainty in the existence of the Holy Trinity. That is why the burden of proof falls upon the believer, not the skeptic. It would not be fruitful if we initially accepted every notion as being valid, and then set about demolishing them. It would be like the game where two kids try to say the highest number and one kid goes “that, +1.”

  • Al

    I wrote that earlier post before fully listening to the podcast, and before you guys start talking about science. Your usages of spirituality seems to be largely influenced by misunderstanding the scientific process, specifically, and positivism generally. “The Blank Slate”, by Steven Pinker, is an old but excellent book that confronts many of the arguments presented in the podcast. I suspect that the host and the guest, two intelligent guys, are getting lost in their language, thus resulting in messy epistemological arguments.