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Comedy superstar Kevin Meaney, Greg’s old friend, describes how he got through some life challenges — including a failed marriage — by coming out of the closet and kicking antidepressants.¬†Amazing conversation!


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  • Kevin Sweeney

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your interview with Kevin Meaney. He is one of my favorite comedians it was nice to listen into your conversation .
    While you are in New York, is there any chance that you will be on Artie Lange radio show?

    Thank You,
    Kevin Sweeney,
    Philadelphia. PA

  • Hi Greg,
    I enjoyed the podcast (as always). I’m the guy who took Kevin’s a capella vocal and wrote music behind it thus coming up with the theme for “Talk Your Way Out of It”. ! I also wrote your “Mail Bag” intro. I’d love to do more stuff for you so please keep me in mind.