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Movie and comedy kingpin Kevin Pollak sits with Greg for a very long talk about life and show business.


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  • David

    It’s a real shame some American comedians always got to lay into Britain. It’s low hanging fruit – let it go for fuck’s sake.
    Besides, if you read up on your history a little more Greg, at some point you’ll appreciate that all developed countries were going after the same thing as the Britain at that time. As with all these things, serendipity meant Britain ended up with the biggest empire at that time as opposed to France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Russia etc, many of whom had their own empires/colonies at some point and perpetrated genocides of their own in the process. And lets not forget all the empires that preceded it, and the American Empire that followed it. Can you give us a percentage comparison between the number of people murdered in America’s illegal foreign conquests and those murdered under the British Empire? How about just America’s exploits in South America? People in glass houses Greg.
    To try and blame colonialism, empire and all the woes that go with it on Britain simply because they had the most recent success with it is just too naive man. You’ve been watching too many Mel Gibson films. See the bigger picture stop bitching about Britain, and then you won’t alienate British fans.
    I’ve been listening to your podcast a long time but when you come out with crap like that it really puts me off listening again. Maybe you don’t care what British fans think but that’s a two-way street I’m afraid Greg.

  • daniel

    britain invaded and fucked with almost 100%of all countries in the world at one point excluding mongolia and a hand full of others. fact. grow up take it like a man .. greg you look refreshed . keep up the good work.