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Adam & Greg share thoughts about receding into the dusk of their careers and ultimately death. Rage with them against the dying of the light.


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  • Skye Castillo

    First of all I just want to say that I love your show! We disagree on some things but not enough to stop this guy from listening. I think you are fuckin hilarious and really smash a lot other guys who are trying to do what you do. You are a great interviewer, you ask questions to people that I feel are deep and sometimes dirty but above all ballzie as shit. Especially some of your female guests, I love it. I tweeted you a while ago (I’m sure you get plenty) about a comment you made on the Carolla show about how the news media talking heads should be fined $10,000 for spouting out shit that is untrue, this is in reference to I believe, the Boston marathon bombing when these guys were jumping the gun on who did what where in an attempt to be the FIRST ONES ON THE SCENE. All the reporters were just saying whatever they heard without trying to verify any facts at all. I never even thought about repercussions for them. Then you said that glorious statement of fining them for their behavior. Badass man. I just felt like everyone kinda brushed over that remark. I wanted to hear more along those lines. Anyway, I think you’re a great man and I am real lucky to live in this time and share this planet with a individual of your caliber. Ok, I’m done suckin your dick here, keep up the good work!!

    Your loyal listener,


  • Greg,
    You guys are like peanut butter and jelly. Two great FAST minds that just bring out the best in both. Great show. I was gonna click on the advert about becoming a trainer, but I can’t find a link.