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Mike Gibbons talks about the greatest words of wisdom a father can give his son. Also: How not to behave in a massage parlor.

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  • Matt

    LOVE when Mike Gibbons is on -thanks!

  • Fieldengineer

    Subject for Mike G: How to Divorce with the Least Cost.

    Change the way that you approach the “Divorce”. Change the legal process to a “Dissolution of Marriage” instead of a “Divorce”. Divorce is a legal process that can be changed to a “Dissolution” based on a Stipulation that you and your wife write.

    Review public records on various divorces in your LA area.

    Divorce attorneys never go to court.

    Therefore approach it like a Divorce attorney getting divorced. Do not let anything go before a Judge. You accomplish this by getting a signed agreement about how you want to live with your ex-wife and kids and then file it with the court whereby a judge will “review” it and stamp it’s approval.

    Do not argue over “Custody” – it is a red herring that never matters in the end. You will still see your kid’s based on the agreement between you and your wife.

    Remember that any Party can “go back to court” – so get an agreement that you can live with for the next five years. Things will change once you find another woman and your wife finds another man. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    STAY out of COURT. Divorce is an adversarial process. Dissolution of Marriage is a clerical process.

    Do not argue over Child Support. Child support can be agreed to by your wife and yourself. Find the online “Calculator” put honest income into the calculator and this will give you a “ball park” of what your wife can “legally” get. Negotiate the child support and then stay out of court.

    Good Luck Mike, I hope this helps.

    P.S.: Let your wife keep the dog – it is property. Let her pay for it’s upkeep. Treat the dog like the car that she drives. Pet the dog when you visit your kids, but let her spend her money on it herself.