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From “Childrens Hospital,” “Parks and Recreation,” and MTV’s “Human Giant,” Rob Huebel shares his hopes for marriage and talks about almost being beaten to death at a sushi restaurant.

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  • Fitzy, great show today. Better than usual, but that was because your guest really brought it. I vaguely recognized the face and the name, being a big comedy fan. So, I gave a listen and that guy, Rob, was awesome. Just sweet and funny and articulate. Also, what a storyteller.

    I was driving (as I always am when listening) when he told the sushi joint fight story. I was living it, seriously. I got all ragey and was holding my hands in different fist iterations… just getting ready to fight. I can’t fight. No idea how. Haven’t fought since grade 3, and I lost that one.

    But as he told that story, I was ready to go in and fight. I knew it wouldn’t be great, and we would not win…but man that was great pod*

    * a Carolla-ism, I believe

    thanks for all the great hours of time spent free. Oh, I paid for your premium membership and haven’t even used it. Just wanted to make sure you were supported.

    Denver, CO

  • Ruben

    Great episode, as always. Please post the surveillance video of the fight at the old studio. John Matthews – get on it!