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Andy Kaufman wingman Bob Zmuda talks about his days with Robin Williams before storming out of the studio. Either Greg or Bob skipped his meds that day…


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  • Andrew Canning

    I don’t believe that blow up for a second, but, it was done as well as it could have been. Respect for keeping the mindfuck alive !!

    • Steve B.

      Damn, Zmuda and Fitzdog both sounded pretty authentic in the storm-out! I have no idea if it was real or staged. Either way it was compelling. Well done, boys.

  • j3w

    Fucking loved it.

  • tylord

    I didn’t even consider it could have been staged until I read these comments. I highly doubt it. It was definitely entertaining.

    • theclevelander

      I am with you, I didn’t even consider that it was staged, but that would be awesome if was. You all realize that Grapefruit could never admit that it was staged, even if it was, right? Maybe I’ll write a tell-all book about the fight in 30 years.

  • jo

    I love Greg for asking the hard-hitting questions, but regardless of whether you believe him or not, he shoulda let Bob continue talking, even if it was nonstop. I think Greg had an interesting point tho when he told him “youre better than this”.

  • Aaron

    Greg – even if I wanted to hear where he thought he might be going with this, I really respect you cutting him off. If Andy was alive this book and publicity surounding it wouldn’t bring him out of hiding and the more likely reality that he actually is dead makes this push by Bob seem childish. I think he’s remembering an old friend and not really looking at how he comes across bringing this up. If he were just telling Andy’s stories we all could totally get behind it. But if he’s trying to prove Andy is alive then instead of putting himself in the hole promoting the book why doesn’t he put himself in a hole over Andy’s grave and dig him up – would’ve been a lot cheaper and far more convincing.

  • Eric Jackson

    A lot of respect for Greg to bring up his opinion on how crazy this is and not just sit there and be “respectful” because he’s a guest. Although if it was staged and fake, then I take all of this back and forget it, and will never be able to tell what’s real. I personally think this one was real, however.

  • Buzzcut Johnson

    That was fucking awesome! Greg handled the situation extremely well. Zmuda has always been a bit of a huckster and it was refreshing to hear someone be honest with him. And if it’s all staged, it’s the best joke ever.

  • N8Ball666

    Damn hysterical. I bought it until I remembered who was being interviewed.

  • Fred_Garvin

    Been a fan of Andy Kaufman since the early 80s so as soon as I heard the voices starting to rise, I knew exactly where the interview was going. Nice tribute to AK Greg. Saw the Letterman AK/Lawler show when it first aired, no other moment in tv history every made as big an imprint on my memory than that, it changed me in some way. Until the AK revival that came with the movie, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t get Andy out of my brain.

  • Michael

    Ha, reality or tribute, its Awesome! How about the inception of Bob Zmuda? The 30 year joke is on him.

  • disqus_ctzLi2IUuU

    I read somewhere (maybe in the family-authorized bio Lost In The Funhouse) that Bob and Andy weren’t even particularly close in the last year of his life. So I seriously wonder where their friendship would have ended up if he had lived. Tired of Zmuda getting money and attention off of Andy’s name, especially if it is true that they were drifting apart.

  • Kevin Lang

    I LOVED this episode. As Carolla would say, that was some ‘good pod’. Importantly, I don’t think either party was a fault in the end when the meltdown happened. Neither was being a jerk. It was a fair and reasonable break up. While I love hearing Zmuda tells stories, it truly does feel like he is riding Kaufman’s coattails to exposure and respect (which he doesn’t need to do for us.) To clarify, I don’t think him writing books or telling stories is exploitative, but trying everyone to believe Kauffman is still alive is nuts. He reminds me of Ray Manzarek. Up until he passed away, he was happy to tell anyone and everyone that Jim Morrison was probably still alive.

    I was very impressed with how both guys on the podcast stood their ground. Zmuda seems to smart to meltdown like that. I have to imagine this isn’t the first time someone called him out for being an idiot on the Kauffman death issue. So, was the walk out a stunt? Here is a possible clue – at the end they argue off mike about not getting a release to publish it. Seems hard to believe that you can record an hour of content and then release it to millions without permission. Maybe he gets them to sign a waiver up front.

    To me, there is no way Zmuda was telling the whole truth, and here is why; he thinks Kaufman is alive, but has had no contact with him of any kind since he ‘died’ So you are telling me the professional comedian walked from his career, his life, his wife, his writing partner. There is no way that would happen. Zmuda and him were extremely close. If Kaufman did live, he would have been calling Zmuda weekly.

    if you want to hear another great walk out; go find the Ghallagher postcast on Maron.

    Cheers to you Fitzdog, for some terrific radio. Cheers to you, Zmuda, for being an epic narcissist but holding your ground… and yet a riveting and excellent interviewee and great storyteller. Zmuda will turn up on more podcasts. I have noticed the big podcasts have been part of a publicity loop for upcoming books and movies. I think in the next month he’ll turn up on Jay Mohr’s podcast, then Maron, and of course Ace.

    If Kauffman does come back (I put the odds at about 10%), then we all owe Zmuda big time. In the meantime, he keeps talking about Kauffman to stay relevant and re-direct attention. Man, though… just think about it. What if Kauffman did show up one day. Wouldn’t that be the greatest spectacle and prank of all time.

  • johanneslabusch

    Next step: Lawsuit over that “release”… right?

  • Daron Cohen

    That was fuckin awesome Greg! Great podcast. Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.

  • Fantastic interview. Especially enjoyed the portion where Zmuda recalls how he fooled Letterman, and then when he as Clifton at Harrah’s sparred with Kaufman-as-Zmuda in the audience. And of course the bit about that star-struck Caesars showgirl!

  • DSK_Daniel

    Haven’t we now passed Zmuda’s most recent Kaufman return from death date?