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Nikki recounts escaping from Botox at the last minute and discovering self-love.


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  • wcohan

    greg, I am listening to your podcast right now and you mentioned that you are starting to experience dysfunction ‘down there’, no need to see a shrink, just read up on biology and the reproductive system, in sum – beginning in your 50s, the hormones begin to evaporate, they no longer inject into your blood stream in the same way they did pre-50, and there is no knob on your hip to fix it, for males testosterone goes away and for females estrogen goes away; this is a biological imperative that exists for all humans, hence the epitomy of ‘normal’; there is nothing wrong with u, the dysfunction is natural. Feel free to fight it with med tech like viagra and hormone replacement therapy, but you are wasting your time and money, mother nature wins in the end, every time. Oh, you just mentioned Dylan’s My Backpages; the chorus refers to his not being as political on his second album as he was on the first, he was 22 and not interested in being the old wise man with all the answers, he wanted to be viewed and treated like the young man he was, so he told his fans “i was so much older then (in 1962) I am younger than that now (in 1963).