Hands or Feet? (12/12/14 Ep.)

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Josh Wolf asks Greg, “Hands or feet?” during the 12/12/14 episode.


Josh Wolf asks Greg, “Hands or feet?” during the 12/12/14 episode

AV Club reviews Greg’s episode of The Mental Illness Happy Hour

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Read The AV Club‘s glowing review of Greg’s appearance on The Mental Illness Happy Hour(And listen to the episode HERE.)

Interview with Greg in The Examiner

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Greg talks Boston in anticipation of his upcoming shows. Read the interview HERE.

Greg on Pumped!!

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Here is an episode of a TV show I hosted this past year called “Pumped”. A couple who had just gotten married pulled into a gas station where we were doing a show. They came to get a pack of smokes and left winning some cash. CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON HULU!!

Advice to Parents of College Graduates

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1)“THE SLOW HOME EVICTION”. If your unmotivated grad moves back home, charge him/her $2 a day for rent for the first month (Total $60).  Then charge $4 a day for rent in the 2nd month (Total $120).  The rent by the 6th month will be $1,920.  You will not know or care how they came [&hellip

Airplane Jokes

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Flying back from Ohio this past fall I’m standing behind an Old Lady in the security line.

I’m a Winner!

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Competition has no place in the world of comedy. Right? Wrong. Not where I come from. I started being funny because my father was an alcoholic who ignored my brother and me. We competed for whatever attention we could get, and I won by being funnier than he was, because drunks love to laugh. Every [&hellip

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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Recently I’ve seen Starbucks counter people greeting regular customers by their names.   This is a nice thought, although not very difficult since they’re already writing everyone’s names on their cups like we’re in pre-school.  But it is so obviously being encouraged by the corporate office to instill a ‘local flavor’ in the store.  The more [&hellip

Some Tips on Circumcision

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My son is not circumcised.  Shortly before he was born the A.M.A. announced they were no longer recommending the procedure.  This has not influenced many parents who continue slicing a small piece of penis off their baby boys for no other reason than, “It’s a tradition in our culture”.  Well, we used to sacrifice virgins [&hellip

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