Greg and David Koechner

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After discussing their history with drugs and alcohol, David Koechner and Greg Fitzsimmons get into the knitty gritty of this podcast by talking about why they self medicate, the sizes of their junk, porn, sex, and how quickly they’ll whip it out. Greg alsostarts a new tradition on the podcast by playing a game with David called sexual over/under, which isn’t what you think it is. They cap it off with a little discussion about actor’s that David has been mistaken for in public by fans before.

Greg and Dana Gould

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After taking a moment to reflect on Dana’s career, and then listening to a clip of Greg’s SiriusXM show where Dana does a bit as Batman with the runs, Greg and Dana bust through some of the hot topics in the news.

Greg and Andy Dick

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After talking about how he got some sponsors recently, Greg starts to get into with guest Andy Dick. They talk about Andy’s pilot that hasn’t taken off yet, Andy meeting his racist/homophobic dad, how Andy’s son is a man now and gets a ton of pussy, whether Andy is sober, and after taking some of your Twitter questions directed to @gregfitzshow (keep them coming, he’ll answer them every week) he samples the orginal podcast opening theme that Greg did with Dave Navarro for Andy, which explains why he doesn’t use it anymore.

Greg and Andy - Back to Back

Greg and Andy – Back to Back

Greg and Andy - Just Finished the Show

Greg and Andy – Just Finished the Show

Greg and Jim McClure

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Greg does the podcast with Jim McClure, Greg’s producer, as well as one of the Howard Stern producers. They talk about Jim’s girlfriend, Howard Stern, masturbating, and putting things in your ass for medical reasons.

Greg and Jim

Greg and Jim

Cioffi and Chance

Cioffi and Chance

Greg Fitzsimmons Experience: Greg and Margaret Cho

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Greg talks to very funny friend Margaret Cho. Margaret talks about the sex life she’s been living since she last talked to Greg, and lately, she’s been more involved with her ass then she used to be.

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Greg and Jake Johannsen

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Greg leads off the show with a shot at Marc Maron, and then explains why his guest this week, Jake Johannsen is the best. Between the two of them, with help from Mike Gibbons, they cover all sorts of topics, such as sex, masturbating on planes, hot asian women, the British, their wives, being happy. The end with two big topics, why did Ellen DeGeneres steal Jake’s act, and Greg says he’ll set up his staff in Los Angeles, producer Mike Cioffi, and intern Chance Dorland, with some ladies he’ll screen by the next show.

Greg and Marc Maron – Greg Fitzsimmons Experience

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Greg and Marc Maron get into it. After covering what they feel the business is about, and how they’ve handled their careers, they get somewhat political, and try to figure out where their leanings in the political spectrum truly came from.

Greg Fitzsimmons Experience – Rob Corddry

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Greg and Rob continue the radio show in the form of the new podcast, Greg Fitzsimmons Experience! They talk about Emmy’s, about what they like to see in their porn, Greg has the first advertiser on the podcast. They go on to talk about the business, Jon Stewart, the Daily Show, and what Rob is working on these days. They talk a little about memoirs, about what college was like, and how much sex they got then, and then wrap up with some discussion about the state of TV shows these days.

Also, don’t forget to check out for the free book Greg offered during today’s podcast.

Greg Fitzsimmons Experience: Jimmy Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel sticks around after the Howard 101 show for the Greg Fitzsimmons Experience. Greg recaps what Jimmy ranked during the show, and then asks him to rank David Letterman and Howard Stern. They talk more about Stern, and about how sometimes going on the Stern Show can lead to strife, talk about how packed their schedules are, and how each deals with it differently, and talk about shit they pulled as kids.

Greg, "Queen of Mean" Lisa Lampanelli, and Jimmy Big Balls

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Greg, hilarious comedian Lisa Lampanelli, and her fiance Jimmy Big Balls do themselves a little podcast. They talk about Greg assessing whether or not someone could beat him, and how badly, and that direct how he’ll deal with them. They also look back at the Sirius XM show, where Lisa ranks three countries from two different continents, they also talk about celebrity, dealing with exes, comics they don’t like, ranks a third continent, and talk about whether or not Greg can further with his career as a standup comedian.

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