Read the actual letters that inspired the book

I have made a lot of what appear to be bad decisions. It’s what I was raised to do. Most parents would hide or destroy any evidence so clearly demonstrating their child’s failures, but my family has preserved each mistake in its original envelope like a trophy in a case, lest I ever forget where I came from.

Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons is my life, told through a cavalcade of disciplinary letters, incident reports, and newspaper clippings that my parents received from teachers and school officials. I pick up where my parents left off with my own collection of letters received during college and throughout my career as a writer, producer, and stand-up comic. Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons comes full circle to show that the Fitzsimmons torch has been passed on proudly to a new generation.

Back Cover Blurbs

Greg Fitzsimmons thinks he’s one of the greatest comedic minds of our generation; and in this case he’s right”

-Adam Carolla (comedian)

Jewish guilt is well known because Jews are loud and free to express themselves. Catholic guilt, however, is fucking bottomless. Irish to the core, despite himself, this bottomlessness oozes from Greg Fitzsimmons every pore and it’s raw, honest and hilarious. This portrait of one comic’s life is funny, hard and true.

-Sarah Silverman (NY Times Bestselling author of “Bedwetter”)

I’ve often wondered what it was that made Greg Fitzsimmons so funny. And so filled with non-specific rage. Now I know, and you can, too.
-Andy Richter (National Treasure)
Greg Fitzsimmons was the first comic to ever give me unwanted advice. I thought he was a jerk. I was wrong. Not only is he a great guy he is also one of the best storytellers I have ever heard. I look forward to someone reading this book to me.

–Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover)

They say that an element of comedy is the willingness to get in touch with one’s own insecurities. Greg Fitzsimmons has mastered this fearless approach in such a profoundly deep and intense way that his talent truly stands out as unique and sharp… Far beyond that of many of his peers. His openness and honestly mixed with brutal and uncompromising delivery makes him a comedian that is both funny and easy to relate to. This book is not only a glimpse into the life of a talented artist, it is also a study of the human psyche. Readers may let out a sigh of relief as they discover that they are not alone. Crazy can work! This is one of the few books that could be found in either the comedy, biography or self-help section at your local bookstore.

-Dave Navarro (Rock Legend)

You Wrote In…

Just stayed up finishing Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons, couldn’t put it down. I especially liked reading the letters to your Dad. Now I know somebody else has the same conflicts, thanks!

-John M.

Thanks for taking me back to the 1970s and 1980s. I normally take 1-2 weeks to read a book, but finished yours in 36 hours. I grew up on the East Coast and attended Loyola College in Baltimore (1985-89) with a whole mess of Greg Fitzsimmons. Your book was spot-on. It is amazing the journey you took to get from there to here. Thanks for a great read!

-Chuck A.

I read your book straight through one day. Hooked by Howard Stern’s Foreword, I belly laughed aloud at your recounts of classroom shenanigans and deeply cried as you painfully disclosed the dissolution of your relationship with your father, and later his passing. Your voice, honestly and wit delivered via first the podcast, and now your book, have been uncommonly relevant and cherished by me. Your humor distributed in word and now aurally via your podcast has been the soundtrack to my getting sober, addressing self-destructive patterns and rebuilding a life I can be proud of. Your life path, current career and the family you’ve built give inspiration and example that guys like us can beat our demons, exist in society and build something important during our brief time on this dying planet. What you do is important. You give voice and inspiration to many. Thank you. Keep it up Greg.

-Joel N.

Dear Greg, Just a quick note to say thank you for writing your book. My older brother, Michael, gave me the book and I was a little nervous that it would just be a compilation of asinine stories and hate mail. I was so wrong. In the midst of all the comedic mis-steps of a young man arose a story of personal growth and perseverance. The candid stories of your relationship with your sister reminded me so much of my relationship with my own brother. Most touching and resonating were the stories/letters surrounded your challenges with your father, and the maturity and grace in which you handled it all. I thank you for you sincerity and your willingness to share it with us, the readers. I think the best part of reading your book was it changed my perspective/understanding of lots of things and only furthered my love of being Irish. I did not want to finish reading it because it was like ending a heart-to-heart with a good friend. All the best to you. You deserve it and have earned it.

(Mary Shay Keating-what a Mick)

Hi Greg, I just finished Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons. I wanted to drop a note to tell you
how much I enjoyed it. I started it yesterday, finished it today. I listen
to your podcasts each week, and consider myself a fan. Bigger fan now,
having read the book. Probably resonates with me on a deeper level being
an Irish-American of about the same age with a young son and daughter
myself. Last weekend I spent celebrating the 90th birthday of my
grandfather, surrounded by my dysfunctional Irish Catholic relatives
spread across many generations. With that fresh on my mind, I found your
book reassuring, and comforting. Nice to know that I’m not alone in
dealing with the Irish-American crazies, and reconciling that with myself
and my wife and kids. Thanks. Nicely done. I hope you play in Phoenix this year, I hope to be able to catch you live. All the best, and thanks for writing the book.

-Tim Whalen

Hey, I just finished reading your book and I wanted to tell you that even though I laughed, I cried a lot too. It’s not your run of the mill comic book. It’s revealing and touching and very courageous so I’m not pissed at you having a book published when I spent 5 years writing one and so far 2 years working on another.

-Scott Krantz

Greg, Just wanted to let you know I finished the book and dug it. It’s interesting that growing up Scot/Irish that I never really thought of it as any different than any other American kid. It really is a different psyche. My family was very similar to yours except there was very little humor and no levity. I was especially intrigued how you related to your Father with his immense strengths and weaknesses. Nice work.

-Steve Peckingham

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GQ Blog 11/8/10

“For me, today marks the beginning of a celebration after two years of hard work. I will tape an appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman” tonight (airing Friday). Tomorrow, I head into ‘The Howard Stern Show.'”
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GQ Blog 11/9/10

“Just hours ago I stood on the stage of The Ed Sullivan Theater and told jokes in front of David Letterman and a crowd full of his fans.”
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GQ Blog 11/10/10

“I survived Stern. That’s the best way to describe the experience of being a guest inside Howard’s studio, which I was yesterday morning. It’s like a boxing match where you have to both guard and attack at the same time.”
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GQ Blog 11/11/10

“Caroline’s Comedy Club generously threw an amazing book party Tuesday night for my family and friends. About one hundred lunatics from all walks of (my) life gathered to celebrate my sometimes-unfavorable portrayal of them.”
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GQ Blog 11/12/10

“Like most people, I am guilty of looking back more than looking forward. I wrote a book focused mostly on my past, yet I could not have written it any sooner. I needed the perspective of having my own family. I needed to grow weary of blaming my own parents, or the world, for anything I didn’t like about my life.”
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