Uncabaret LIVE!

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Check out Greg in Season 1 Episode 3 of UNCABARET LIVE!!
greg uncabaret

Watch it here FREE!

Talk Your Way Out Of It! with Harland Williams

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Talk Your Way Out of it! With Pete Holmes

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Talk Your Way Out of It! with Nick Kroll

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Greg on Pumped!!

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Here is an episode of a TV show I hosted this past year called “Pumped”.
A couple who had just gotten married pulled into a gas station where we were doing a show.
They came to get a pack of smokes and left winning some cash.

Mary Lynn Rajskub

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From the hit show “24”. Mary Lynn Rajskub guests on the first podcast done from Greg’s new studio in Mar Vista CA. In the middle of a deep and often hilarious discussion they decide to do a live show together as a pilot for a television show.


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Interview on 24/7 Comedy!

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Greg Fitzsimmons is an accomplished stand-up comedian who has been seen all over the comedy club circuit and on TV—he is even an Daytime Emmy Award winner for his writing/producing work on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” In this “Quinnterview” with Quinn from 24/7 Comedy Radio, Fitzsimmons talks about the joy of being a writer, life as a comedian on the road and what he has coming up. Check it out!

Read more: http://www.247comedy.com/pages/quinntessentials.html?feed=461591&article=10331260#ixzz24hWuSX79

Talk Your Way Out of It! with Joey Diaz

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Watch as comedian and regular on the Joe Rogan Experience, Joey Diaz, talks his way out of an awkward bathroom situation.

Greg’s Kids Give Their First Interview

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Greg on Jim & Eddie TalkS hit!

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Greg is the guest in this week’s Talkin’ Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft! Episode “Hijacked by Rednecks”

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