Christopher Titus

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Greg has comedian Christopher Titus in for today’s podcast. They start off by talking about coming up in the comedy world, Titus shares some stories of his girlfriend learning to be a comic, and their opinions on alternative comedy. They talk about their experiences with pitching television shows, getting network notes, and treating handicapped people no different than anyone else. Before getting to the Overheards, where they talk about the polite way to reference pooping, they talk a little politics.

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Christopher Titus’s Funny or Die Video!!

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New Bidding War Up on Ebay!!

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For those of you who would love a mention on the Fitzdog Radio Podcast put a bid on Ebay! The winner will be informed by Saturday, April 23 2011 and the plug will air on the Fitzdog Radio Podcast the following week.

Check out Greg on HuffPo!

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Watch Greg talk about life and things!

New York – Jim Gaffigan

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Greg talks about the CRAZY past few days he’s had doing press everywhere from the Howard Stern show, to Chelsea Handler, to other podcasts, and how the shows at Carolines in New York have been doing. He then talks to Jim Gaffigan about their time coming up in comedy and entertainment. They talk about the struggle, the highlights, how they made it, and a terrible, terrible voicemail Greg left for Jim one day. Greg also plays fan favorites Overheards and Half-a-Man.

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Greg’s Standup/ Podcast shows at Carolines in NY

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Special guests announced for Greg’s Standup/ Podcast shows at Carolines in NY

Thursday, April 14th

The bonanza begins at Carolines on Broadway with guest comic genius Neal Brennan, co-creator of Chappelle’s Show.

Friday, April 15th

7:30PM: Greg has a man-to-man with zany comedian Kevin Meaney, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

10:00PM: Greg will bring up comedian Jim Norton, Zach & Miri Make a Porno, Bored to Death .

Saturday, April 16th

7:30PM: The fun just keeps on coming with guest Keith Robinson (Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn).

10:00PM: Greg shares the stage with comedian Dave Attell (Insomniac with Dave Attell, The Gong Show with Dave Attell).

Sunday, April 17th

7:30PM: Greg is joined by guest Steve Schirripa (The Sopranos).

It’s ON!

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The EBAY bidding war for the Overheard sponsorship has started!

You’ve heard of the Fitzdog Radio Podcast, now you can be ON the Fitzdog Radio Podcast!

All you have to do is join the bidding war and put up your highest bid on this prime audio real estate. The winner will be notified and then must come up with a short plug, being a sentence or two. Once you have provided your special plug, it will be recorded by comedian Greg Fitzsimmons and aired on the next Fitzdog Radio Podcast.

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Let the games begin!

Adam Carolla

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Greg chats with Adam Carolla in an interview done in Ace’s car on the way to Irvine. Greg starts off the podcast with a monologue about his giant dong, how ladies maintain themselves, Tiger Woods, and Charlie Sheen. When he gets into it with Adam, they talk about their relationships with their wives, what’s important to them, and what drives them in life.

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Greg on Adam Carolla Podcast!

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Listen here!

Talk Your Way Out of It! with Teresa Strasser

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Watch as guest Teresa Strasser talks her way out of it!

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