Natalie Maines & Zach Galifianakis (coming soon)

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Standby for my interview with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.  Zach Galifianakis walked into the studio during the podcast and we all talked for a very long time (alongside Mike Gibbons).  Tuesday at noon Part one of this historic broadcast will be available.  Thanks for your patience.

Natalie Maines

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Dixie Chicks CONFIRMED for tonight’s radio show and podcast!  Don’t miss it!

Could Sexual Baseball be on the cards? Stay tuned!

Fitzdog Radio

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Greg does a solo podcast, before he attends a big party. He talks about being recognized, recent Howard Stern stuff, and plays Half-a-Man.

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Greg and Mike O’Malley

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Greg and Mike Gibbons chat with returning guest Mike O’Malley for this week’s podcast. Greg compliments Mike O’Malley on being able to play a great average drunken slob, who also gives a preview on the hot women guest staring on Glee this season, and they talk about Neal Patrick Harris’ shout out to Mike at the Emmys. Greg relives an audition horror story, Gibbons talks about the prospects of working with Norm MacDonald, and Greg has Mike O’Malley play Rank ‘Em.

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Greg and Jillian Barberie-Reynolds

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Greg has Jillian Barberie Reynolds and regular Mike Gibbons on this week’s podcast where Greg compares first marriages to making pancakes, Mike and Greg guess what famous Latino woman Jillian had a threesome with, and Greg explains why it’s not creepy to take a bath with your kid. Mike talks about his first hand experience with early childhood compulsive masturbating, Jillian talks about role playing with a pistol. Greg wonders if Jillian pleasures herself to the thought of her ex-marine sniper husband subduing an intruder, and they play fan favorites Half-a-Man and Liar’s Poker.

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Greg and Jimmy Shubert

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Greg and Mike Gibbons welcome comedian Jimmy Shubert to this week’s podcast. Greg tries to educate Cioffi about how to use a yoga class to get laid, Jimmy suggests going hiking to meet girls and everyone confuses it for a rape plot. Greg describes how horrible his kid’s soccer team is, he compares homeless people to seagulls, they take your overheards, play liars poker, and they all tell their best getting caught masterbating stories.

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Greg and Zach Galifianakis

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Greg talks about race with Mike Gibbons, plays fan favorites Overheard and Half-a-Man, and chats with his close pal turned recent superstar Zach Galifianakis, whom he used to pitch shows with. Listen in to see how those pitches went.

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Greg and Kyle Gass From Tenacious D

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Greg has musician extraordinaire Kyle Gass swing by the podcast. Kyle Gass invents a new word that Greg loves, and tells a great story about being busted. Greg and Kyle break down the alternative comedy scene, Greg breaks out his awesome metaphor skills, and they play fan favorites Half-a-Man and Rank ‘Em.

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Greg and Brian Posehn

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Greg welcomes Brian Posehn and Mike Gibbons to this weeks podcast where Greg wonders how such a giant nerd like Brian got an attractive wife, Brian gives his top five famous people he has smoked weed with, and Mike talks about how Snoop Dogg almost gave Bob Barker a contact high. Brian reveals his regrets of not using his Just Shoot Me fame to get sex, Greg explains why AA is a great place for a comedian to work on their material, Brian and Greg agree they both hate men who wear flip flops, and Mike Gibbons shares a letter sent home from his youth.

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Greg in Atlanta

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Greg does a podcast from the Atlanta Punchline.

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