Margaret Cho

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Greg welcomes Margaret Cho to the podcast where Greg sifts through Margaret’s life as a swinger, and listen to a clip of her explaining what a ‘spit roast’ is from the SiriusXM show done right before this podcast. They discuss why Koreans are superior to all other Asians, and Margaret explains how there are more opportunities for Asian women in porn than in Hollywood. Greg scolds intern Brian but offers him a muffin basket to brighten his spirits, Margaret talks about being intimated before and during his first golden shower, and they take your questions, and overheards.

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Fitz and Cho
Fitz and Cho 3
Fitz and ChoFitz and Cho

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

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Greg welcomes back Weed’s stars Andy Mildner, Kevin Nealon and his wife actress Susan Yeagle. Kevin explains how he tore his bicep balling it up with Gary Shandling, the group laughs at Pink falling from her harness, and Greg psycho analyzes Susan searching for body image issues. They discuss why Asian’s love to be in porn, Greg talks to Andy about his career as a VO actor, Kevin and Susan reminisce about their courtship, and Kevin Nealon shares the best story you’ll ever hear about suppositories.

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Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg at The Kilborn File

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Greg does The Kilborn File and records a podcast detailing the experience.

He starts it off with a quick monologue, talking about what he thinks may happen during the show.

He then interviews the host of The Kilborn File, Craig Kilborn, from his own dressing room. Craig wonders why Greg ever hosted the porn awards, and Greg asks Craig about being a lothario.

He also talks to comedy great Martin Mull.

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Greg and Susie Essman

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Greg has Susie Essman in the SiriusXM studios in New York for this special podcast. They start off with some talk about books, what it’s like writing them, and how the subtitles is very important, and segue nicely from that discussion into why Greg is nuts, and why Susie can’t blame her teenagers for being crazy.

They talk more about Greg’s brain and why it is the way it is, what he takes for it, and how that affects him. They get into religion talk, about how Catholic shame is very difficult to get rid of.

They congratulate newly engaged Jim McClure on proposing to his girlfriend, and discuss his relationship a little bit, before all three of them in the studio play the worst round of Liar’s Poker in the history of the podcast.

They discuss Susie’s first experience with a penis, and how she discovered years after the fact what it really meant, Greg asks Susie lots of questions about a women’s anatomy, and they wrap up the show with a game of Rank ‘Em.

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Greg and Susie Essman

Greg and Susie Essman

Mel Brook and Greg

Mel Brook and Greg

Greg in New York

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Greg takes his family on their annual tour of fold out couches in relatives homes in New York. In snippets of the trip collected before and after the Fourth of July, you get an insight into what makes Greg’s family so interesting, and why he has moved so far away from them.

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Jennifer Grant

Jenn Grant – The comic Greg talks to

Greg and Dane Cook

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Greg and Dane Cook team up to knock out a great podcast. Greg and Dane start off by recapping their dialogue about abortion from the Sirius 101 show. After talking about Dane’s acting credits, Greg and Dane then improv a scene from an action movie. Greg sheds the truth behind what is hidden behind a rainbow and then gets to the hard hitting questions about Dane’s career. They move on from Dane’s career to talking about hecklers, and start sharing different heckling stories. Dane tells a story about a four-or-five-way with some college co-eds and how he always leaves a paper trail behind any sex he has. They wrap up the podcast with your Overheards, Half-a-Mans, and the subtitles you suggested for Greg’s soon to be released book Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons.

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Greg in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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​Greg takes you through the glory that is Grand Rapids, Michigan. After almost destroying a hecklers foot with a mic stand, Greg regroups to face Saturday nights shows. Behind the scenes interviews with local talent and reasons why YOU should become a fan of Mexican soccer.

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Greg and Rob Corddry

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Greg welcomes Rob Corddry for this weeks podcast. Rob talks about how he would get laid back in the college days, Greg points out bald man discrimination for game show hosting jobs, and Rob explains how Ashton Kuscher makes or breaks you on twitter. The guys play Half-A-Man, Greg and Rob fantasize about their perfect toupee, and Rob stumbles onto a dark secret that Greg has been holding onto.

Greg throws down the challenge to Rob to see if he can bring any of his 1.3 million Twitter followers into the @gregfitzshow fold. They wrap the podcast up with some Overheards, which strays into chatroullette territory where Cioffi may know a little too much.

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Rob and Greg

Greg and George Wallace

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FITZDOG RADIO – Greg talks to legendary comic George Wallace from the comfort of a lavish Las Vegas hotel room. They talk about George coming from a marketing background, how George came up in the comedy world, and cursing.

They talk more about the comedy world, different comedy themed nights, how cursing works in comedy, and racial slanders.

The perks of living the Las Vegas include the finest free meals, and the beauty of enjoying the life it can bring. The Las Vegas heat, and perpetuating the black stereotype. George counters with the fact that George just didn’t remember the interview.

Greg gets to the hard questions about George’s career, he had such a strong, amazing start, Greg is amazed that George Wallace didn’t have a huge TV career or movie career, but George sets the record straight. He likes being a comic and writing jokes.

They talk about city planning in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and why New York City is the best city in terms of how it’s laid out.

They wrap up the podcast with chat about how George’s comedy has actually killed people.

GF & G Wallace

Greg Fitzsimmons and George Wallace in a Las Vegas Suite

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Greg and Adam Carolla

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Greg has head honcho in the podcasting world, Adam Carolla, stop by to do the podcast.

After talking a bit about podcasting, and recapping what happened during the previously recorded SiriusXM Show, Greg and Adam just talk about things that anyone would talk about: what’s constitutes rape, when can someone stop rape, is rape worse than necrophilia, and they manage to do all this while mixing in silly voices.

They also get to your Half-a-Mans, and your Twitter questions.

Don’t forget to watch Greg calling the action on Adam’s first time

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