Pittsburgh is Talking About Fitz!

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Greg on Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana!

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Judah Friedlander

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Greg starts off this podcast by mentioning the Emmys, and talking about his past weekend of working and travelling. He then starts up the interview with World Champion Judah Friedlander, from 30 Rock. They talk about American Splendor, what being a nerd really means, tell stories about the worst managers ever, and explain how crappy some publishers can be. Greg also plays fan favorite games Overheard, Malebag, How I Listen, and Obsolete.

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Chris Hardwick on The Greg Fitzsimmons Show Monday!

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Greg’s New Show!

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This fall, Greg will be hosting a new series on The Speed Channel called “Pumped“!

Fitzdog Street Teams

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Hey Fitzfans!  We’re currently looking for people to be part of the Fitzdog street team! We especially need people in Pittsburgh, Austin and Cleveland. If you are interested please send an email to fitzdogradio@gmail.com. Thanks!

Obsolete Contest

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Record scratch. Typewriter sounds. These things that have become obsolete but are still being used in today’s vernacular, confusing little kids countrywide.
If you have an anachronism, send it in to fitzdogradio@gmail.com.
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Sam Simon

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Greg and Executive Producer on The Simpsons, Sam Simon, discuss the burdens of having so many Emmys and how they can dispose of them. Mike Gibbons joins in on a conversation about whether or not Eddie Murphy is a good choice as the host of the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Then there’s a Talk Your Way Out of It, some Overheards and How I Listen entry discussion.


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How I Listen Contest

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It’s simple!
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Fitzdog Radio

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Greg starts of this episode by talking about podcasting, and Labor Day parties adn antics. He also gives an update about what he’s been up to lately, and what he’s got going on in the coming months, as well as a bad restaurant experience. He also talks about 9-11 a bit as well. Greg then gets to fan favorites Malebag and Overheards, as well as a brand new segment Greg likes to call “How I Listen”.

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